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I would like to hear from anyone who served with the DLI with George Williamson Keith between 1935 -1945. I am his eldest son and would like to learn more about my father as he died when in 1960, when I was 10-years of age.

David Keith,, Wallington, Surrey, United Kingdom, 16/06/2010

My husband and I have just returned from La Havre where my Grandfather Leonard Austin Retallack lies. He died of his wounds on the 15th October 1916. My Grandmother was expecting my Mam so she never knew her Father. Sadly she died in 2005 aged 88. We went for her and it was very moving. His grave was the only one we saw bearing the badge of the D.L.I. Made us very proud as both my husband's father and my father served in the D.L.I. My grandfather was 26 years old. I hope his soul is resting in peace. I wish I had known him., Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England, 14/06/2010

I would like more Information about the 49th reverse of the Royal Field Artillary.


I am trying to find the 1939 company nominal rolls of the 9th DLI in which my grandfather was serving throughout the second world war. Can anyone help?

Bob Dixon,, Barnard Castle & Liverpool, 03/06/2010

To mark the 70th Anniversary. I would any Information about my Great Grandfather Robert Railton Faint Sisson and I was wondering if there is any photo's of him.

Middlesbrough, Cleveland, 01/06/2010

Today is the 70th Anniversary of a series of engagements in the Dunkirk Campaign in which many men from 70 Infantry Brigade (10th and 11th DLI Battalions) were killed or captured, together with the stand of 1st Tyneside Scottish - the remaining Battalion in the Brigade - (formerly 12th DLI) at Ficheux, which saw that Battalion decimated. Outgunned, and overwhelmed by superior forces, but never outmanned. Lest we forget.

John L Dixon,, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, UK, 20/05/2010

Hi. I'm trying to find out some information on how and where my Great Uncle, Private George Whiteley 4457936 died. He served in the 10th battalion DLI. George was killed in the retreat to Dunkirk between 19th and 21st May 1940. He is buried in Boisleux-au-mont cemetery with a soilder from the Tyneside Scottish Black Watch. They are the only two WW2 soliders buried here. Any information would be gratefully received. Thank you so much!

Abi Daly,, 16/05/2010

in memory of my father george lowdon from newcastle upon tyne, served with the 11th bn light infantry.i also george served with the 3rd bn light infantry,both with honour and pride .god bless geordie.

george lowdon,, newcastle upon tyne, tyne/wear, england, 14/05/2010

I have found two medals awarded to 26092 Cpl. A.Higgins. One appears to be the peace medal the other is a star dated 1914-1915. Are there any relatives who would like these medals?.They have ribbons attached but are a bit scruffy.

john martin,, Haxey, N.Lincs, England, 06/05/2010

Hi. I am David Wallace and my late father served with the 7th Bn DLI during WW2. His name was Joseph Wallace 2046946. I can remember going to the first DLI club in Sunderland in the 1950's with its snooker tables and old record books and the new social club they built in the 1970's. l have tried to find a history of the 7th bn without success can anyone point me in the right direction.

David Wallace,, Sunderland, Old County Durham, England., 30/04/2010

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